Another Blog… Another Blogger…

I don’t expect this to be a high profile blog, I’m not going to spend the time plugging it and making it into something spectacular. I don’t have the time, nor am I interesting enough to do such a thing.

What I will do is post about my adventures going forward from the start of my training for a large middle eastern airline. I know just how useful information of this sort can be for new pilots, learning wise and inspirationally as I have read many blogs over and over because of these reasons. I have another blog else where covering my 2 year training which can be found at

I love taking photos, I use instagram a lot but one thing it lacks is the ability to talk about a photo.. the feelings it provokes within myself, my thoughts when capturing the photo and any edits that I may have done. I will also be using this blog to do that.

I start my type rating on the Airbus A320 next week and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been 2 years since I completed my training and in that time I’ve been offered various jobs with uk carriers however all requiring me to foot the bill for the type rating. An amount I do not have. My friends, who finished at the same time as me, have been flying with a couple of UK carriers for the past year or so and it’s a huge relief to finally join them in saying “Yes!” to the question “Am I a pilot yet?”.

Happy landings,

Journeym4n (also my instagram username)

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