Come Fly With Me…

Lets fly, lets fly away…

Actually today I was invited to go along on a jolly around Nottinghamshire with someone from my flying club – The Sherwood Flying Club. The weather has been quite miserable recently and so when I was phoned up yesterday I didn’t hold out much hope for getting airborne. I was wrong.. yep, it has been known to happen.

As well as photography I like to do a spot of film editing now and again – mostly flying videos. Flying videos can be quite difficult to make because the cockpit of an aircraft is very small and a camcorder/camera tends not to have a lens that can take it all in. A wide angle lens would be the best but hey you make do with what you have.

I’ve used various different camcorders from the Canon XL1 to the Canon MV960 (a home use DV tape camcorder) and now my IPhone 4S. Today I tried out my IPhone 4S as a camcorder and despite it not having a wide angle lens and a non existent zoom function I think the end product was actually very good.

I had to pick a feature of the flight and focus on it, throttles, instruments, pilot or the outside as of course the lens couldn’t take it all in at once but I feel I was able to make it work. The shakiness of the aircraft in the gusts of the wind is noticeable on the captured video however looking back at the video it appears that the IPhone’s image stabiliser has helped a little bit as at times it was a little bumpier than you can tell on the video. The colours aren’t exactly vivid in places however, for the most part I feel the camera was able to display them quite well and the sharpness of the image is, in my opinion, fantastic… I’d expect similar performance from a top range purpose built home – semi professional camcorder.

Overall I’m very pleased with the camcording capability of the IPhone and I’m looking forward to trying it out in other situations as and when the opportunity arises. Please check out the video at my youtube feed – Journeymanstudios. The feed is lacking in recent updates but that is about to change quite dramatically (if I get the time to put all the video I gather, together).


Journeym4n (Journeyman)

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