Light Trails

Something any photographer can try out, the effects can be amazing or depending on how long the shutter is left open they can be noisy.

The other night whilst checking out JJ_Forum’s them of the night on Instagram I became inspired to start playing around with shutter speeds on the 4S… I’d tried in the past using an app called Slow Shutter however the results were less than pleasing. The game changer was the suggestion that the HDR setting could be used to create mini light trails, I was quite surprised that I hadn’t thought of this because of course it takes two photos and blends them together.

I have an NSD Powerball as I play a fair bit of the ole tennis and it helps keep the arm in good shape. The particular model I have shines blue when you rotate the power ball and for a while I’d wanted to create a light trail using the 4S and this powerball however as stated the “slow shutter” app for IPhone wasn’t producing the results I wanted (probably more to do with me and how I was configuring it rather than the app itself).

I’ve taken many photos using the HDR mode of the powerball to try and find the best one and I managed to get something I was happy with. There are two versions of this due to the fact that despite being happy with the original, I felt that a version I’d edited with Snapseed (one of my favourite editing apps on the IPhone) deserved to be shown as well. I’ve uploaded both to Instagram, the links are here –

Unedited –

Edited –

I urge you, if you haven’t already, to give light trails using the HDR setting a go… try spinning, waving the camera about, anything you can think of that produces a creative, likeable effect. If you tag me in these photos I’ll check them out as I’m really interested in seeing what the IPhone camera can do.

Please comment/like the photos if they float your boat as they did mine. If you comment as well as like I will check out your feed and follow… if your photos are good. I hate seeing my feed clogged up with constant self portraits etc.


Journeym4n (Journeyman)

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