First Day – A320 Type Rating

Today was the first day on the A320 Type Rating… I’m extremely exhausted to say the least. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve had to use my brain as much as I have today but hopefully like any muscle, after a bit of use it will start to get easier.

So today we started on learning the systems of the Airbus A320 – the ECAM, EFIS etc and how it all integrates and talks to each other. We walked into the room and at the side of each persons computer was a pile of 7 manuals, at least 2-3 inches thick… wow. It’s very daunting to think that within those manuals, nearly every piece of information has to be committed to memory, it’s quite scary to think that in 2 weeks we have a test on the content of these manuals.

The systems can be quite complex and I’m fairly certain nothing has gone in, it’s quite a shock on the system but it was expected. It’s mostly computer based learning with the manuals as go to guides and as with any computer based learning, despite being an interesting subject, it’s quite easy to just start nodding off. Hopefully it’ll start going in soon and there is plenty of time to review during the day as the lessons each day don’t take up that much time.

We also spent some time on a virtual flight deck running through the SOPs for the aircraft and the checklists so that we could familiarise ourselves with where everything is. It’s actually not that bad of an aircraft to set up.. I seem to remember the Boeing 737-300 was a bit easier when I did my MCC and JOC on that however I guess we could have been given a watered down checklist and set of SOPs.

I’ve got a program that gives you an Airbus FMGS on your computer and enables you to learn the functions of it without having to actually use the VFD, it’s very useful and having only seen the FMGS in use today, afterwards I’ve been able to log onto this software and work it out fairly easily.

Nothing much more to say on today.. I think the sim’s are where it’ll start to get really interesting and so there will be a lot more to say on it.


Journeym4n (Journeyman)

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