First Week Over!

I’ve finished the first week of my type rating course, one more week of ground school to go before I start in the sim… scary! I have my first progress test on Monday covering the topics studied this week – Flight Controls, Hydraulics, Cockpit Systems, Comms and Fuel systems and if I’m truthful I’d say that very little has gone in. Lots of work to do this weekend then!!

As expected the first week has been quite a shock to the system, lots f material thrown at us and lots to learn. It is interesting stuff because it’s all to do with the aircraft I’ll be flying for at least the next 5 years and I absolutely cannot wait! Having had to wait 2 years for this opportunity and turn down easyJet in the middle of that due to financial reasons I feel I appreciate where I am a whole lot more.

I’ve been watching many Airbus cockpit videos to further inspire me during this time of hard core study and it’s helping get me through.

I’ve added two new photos to my Instagram feed from my passenger flight last weekend. I’ve basically tried to focus on getting the detail of the clouds, I’ve applied filters to both to increase the sharpness and feel that it’s made the images quite dynamic. One may have been over edited a little bit but a few people have said they liked them so I’ve left it up.

Please check out my feed @journeym4n and leave me a comment :-).

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