Words Into Images

Whilst I’ve been in the process of doing the ground school section of my type rating there hasn’t been much to take photos of. I’ve not been in the simulator yet and wont be for another week or so. As I’ve said, my time has been spent learning SOPs infront of touch screen monitors so that they will be burned in my mind before the sim phase.

Just to give you an idea of just how much information I have digested and still need to digest (revision before my final exam) here is a photo of the training manuals.



And a photo of the VFD’s … these aren’t the touch screen ones, besides that little detail they are exactly the same.



And finally, the full motion simulators that I will be in next sunday.



I have nothing else to report today other than this weekend shall be filled by revision for my final exam and preparation for the simulator phase of this training. The daunting thing about that phase is the shear amount of abnormal simulators compared to the 2 normal simulator lessons we will have at the beginning. Clearly, abnormal operations is very important and preparation is key to making these simulator lessons a success!

Happy Landings,

Journeym4n (Journeyman)

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