Airbus Full Motion Simulator

For once, I’m able to sit outside with a cup of tea and my laptop and relax. The weather isn’t exactly warm, hot or sunny; it’s pleasant and even that is a rare thing here. I’m currently staying in Winchester whilst I complete my type rating on the Airbus A320 in Nursling and besides studying and going in for lessons, I haven’t really been able to get out much so it’s a nice way to spend the afternoon after a simulator lesson.

D day approaches… that said, there are a couple of “D days” in the up coming weeks. I have my licence skills test for the A320 on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of May, although I’m not sure what we will be doing on Saturday as we aren’t doing any low visibility operations and that’s what that particular simulator session is supposed to be for.

There is also the approach of my departure date for Doha where I’ll be leaving the familiarity of the UK and off on my adventures to the middle east where there will be many fun, exciting and surprising things in store for me. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and starting flying. There will be a fair few extra training bits to complete before hand but I think by the end of next month I should be flying in the right hand seat on my first ever commercial flight with passengers. A little bit scary but very exciting!

So onto the subject of the day, full motion simulators.

Took this just before entering my own sim, not sure what phase of flight they are in, it’s quite a high nose attitude.

Today’s detail consisted of a raw data ILS approach, manual go around, another ILS approach so that we could have a go at intercepting a glide slope from above as is common in some countries and some time bashing the circuit in an A320.

I’ll start by saying this, the motion did not do wonders for my head, I felt so disorientated and really had to work hard on scanning the instruments to ensure I was following them instead of the seat of pants feel. Despite having flown in very rough, turbulent weather in the Twinstar, I have never felt the leans (a type of disorientation caused by motion of the aircraft giving you false indications of what it’s actually doing) as badly as I did in the sim. Whilst taxying around the apron I also felt slightly motion sick because the sim jerks around a fair bit. Once we were airborne that feeling went and I was able to battle my case of leans without fear of being ill.

Today was intended for us to get to grips with the feel of full motion and practice manually flying the aircraft in thrust and pitch/roll. It was a really fun detail in all, the circuits themselves gave me some much needed practice at landing the Airbus and with the motion on you could actually tell you had touched down as well which was a bonus! I’m happy to say I only did one slightly positive touch down in 7, the rest went quite well. We went out of the circuit for a bit to practice some general handling and it felt good to really get to grips with flying the Airbus. It was nice to actually feel something representative of what the aeroplane might feel like as opposed to watching a screen for the reaction of the aircraft. Of course, in the simulator there aren’t any G forces (unless you do a hard touch down, then you feel it) so it isn’t as accurate as the real thing but it’s still nice to have some sort of tactile feedback.

In normal operations on an aircraft such as Airbus or Boeing, you will fly in reference to two green bars, one horizontal and one vertical, called flight directors. These are displayed on the Primary Flight Display as shown in the photo.

Where these flight directors cross over, is where you should aim to have the pitch dot at all times (I say at all times because if you aren’t using them they should be turned off to avoid confusion). On an ILS approach they will show you where to fly so that you can the approach as accurately as possible. Raw data, in this aircraft, means to get rid of the flight directors and fly in reference to the magenta diamonds that you can see on the bottom and right hand side of the artificial horizon.

Flying a raw data approach can be quite tricky so you need to quicken up your scan and make accurate corrections to the flight path to achieve a stable approach. The Airbus has a feature on it called the “bird” and this makes flying a “raw data” ILS approach a lot easier as it gives you your flight path vector (your lateral track and vertical profile through the air). The bird can be lined up with the final approach track to achieve accurate lateral navigation and the bottom of it can be lined up so that you achieve a 3 degree glide slope (most commonly used descent profile into airfields that provides a comfortable rate of descent for pilots and passengers alike) coming down the ILS.The only problem with the bird is that, unlike the flight directors, it can take a little time to catch up, especially if the wind is bouncing around and you are over controlling the aeroplane.

Throughout all of my instrument training I have been told to never intercept a glide slope from above, doing so can mean you intercept a false glide slope and end up descending at double the rate you should be. With public transport operations this changes and it’s quite common in certain parts of the world for you to be kept high on the approach and then told to descend later than what is published on the approach plate. We were basically shown how to go about programming this into the autopilot to successfully capture a glide slope after you’ve gone above it.

A really enjoyable lesson, it was nice to have no failures and to get a chance to improve on my manual handling. The instructor threw in a rejected take off for fun at the end and when the auto brake kicks in at it’s maximum it really does fling you forward! Tomorrow we are back to abnormal procedures so I really need to do some reading up and prepare for tomorrows detail.

Just looking at the word count, I really do go on, I’m sorry for that… I know it puts people off reading the full thing but it’s hard to cut down on the word count.

Doing it inverted –



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61 Responses to Airbus Full Motion Simulator

  1. ReneeLytle says:

    Sounds like good practice without any risk, I wish I had access to a sim!

    • Journeym4n says:

      Yeah it is very good practice, personally, I can’t wait to start flying on the line! :-). You could go and rent one out but they’re expensive lol.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        That does sound really fun, I’m a little jealous. haha, and yes they are expensive, and all of my money (even food money) goes into my instrument lessons!

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha yeah I’ve been there… I used to spend all of my money learning to fly and then for the past 2 years I’ve saved all my money and keeping licences current waiting for an opportunity like this to come along. It’s meant pretty much no flying for the past 2 years.

        Is that for your SE IR or ME IR? How many lessons you had so far?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        YIKES! I don’t know if I could go two years without flying, even if it means being extremely poor. haha! But that’s great you are finally getting into now, sounds like you are an excellent pilot. I’m working on my SE IR right now, the trip to California in the ME was a happy bonus. And I’m a newb 🙂 Only about 70 hours total, about 22 instrument hours. How many hours do you have?

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha it was a struggle I can tell you, it took a lot of determination to resist spending my money on flying. Just kept telling myself that one day in the near future I’ll be thankful I saved instead.

        Thanks, I wish I was an excellent pilot, all I can say is every day I’m improving hehe :-).

        Oooh I see, it’s always nice to get a ride along with other people… I did that at my flying club all the time as I’ve been a member for 5 years and know everyone there lol. I think you get a lot of good learning experience just observing although it can be easy to pick up other peoples bad habits.

        70 hours is good, how long have you been flying?

        I’ve only got 240 total flying hours so I’m quite lucky to be in the job I’m in! Especially in the current economically climate.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        That’s a TON a determination. And yes, free flights are always the best. My flight instructor happens to be a close friend and he flies as part of his VA rehab, so I get free helicopter and ME lessons every once in a while. I can’t imagine ever getting to 240 hours! It seems so far away. I have been flying for about a year a two months now. And as for the bad habits… I try to recognize them but I’m afraid I already have a few! lol

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha, it was, I was very tempted throughout the whole time to go and fly but I held out.

        Oh that’s good, it’s always nice having friends that can take you along for freebie flights :D. When I was doing my hour building I always took people with me, it’s a lot more fun than flying alone.

        Wow not long, you got a fair few hours in quite a short time. How oten are you flying?

        Bad habits are easy to pick up, you’ve just got to have the discipline to pick yourself up on them and correct them when you do. Eventually they’ll go away.

        Do you know how far you wish to take your flying?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        It is a lot more fun flying with people, especially when you can take a few. I do however enjoy my alone time in planes 🙂 So are you going to fly Airbus’ for a certain airline?

        I’m hoping to get my commercial license before i get out of school (next Fall) but that really depends on how much funding I keep putting into it. My dream is to be in Agriculture and eventually move onto Helicopters.

        So are you getting actual flight time now, or are you still on withdrawal? lol

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha I can just picture you and an aeroplane having a cosy night in with a dvd and popcorn… strange imagination? I think so.

        I’ll be joining Qatar Airways on their A320 fleet as a second officer until I complete my line check then I’ll be a first officer. I leave England on the 1st of June so not long left!

        Ah cool, I’m sure you will, looking at the amount of hours you’ve accumulated already! Will you be progressing onto any other aircraft types whilst you do your CPL hour building?

        Agriculture, a big difference to flying! What kind of work would that be doing? I know there are various agricultural sciences and things.

        I would love to fly helicopters too, they look like a lot of fun and maybe one day I’ll do it for a job, who knows lol.

        I’m in the sim constantly at the moment, a part from today because the sim has broken lol… waste of a day! I’ve got another 6 sims to do then I’ve got my skills test, then i’m out to Doha to do some extra training before I start flying on the line. Should start flying by the end of next month.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Maybe a little but that’s ok lol. That would be great – auto pilot and a long enroute leg with a good movie! And that’s so exciting, I bet you’re glad that you’re so close. YAY. and I’m hoping to get into crop dusting, that way I’ll have ag experience when I start helicopters since I want to eventually spray and do fields with rotorcraft.

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha thanks :p.

        Ahh if only it worked like that, unfortunately no films whilst flying but you do get to watch the world go by from 35-38,000 feet :-).

        Yeah I am, almost living the dream haha. I’m looking forward to going and living somewhere new as well and getting to see many different places on my travels with the airline.

        Ooo I see, do they do crop dusting from heli’s there? I can’t see them being cost effective because they burn a lot more fuel than fixed wing.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        That’s the best kind of movie anyway! We spray wheat fields with helicopters. We also spray rivers for Mosquitos.

        Here’s to livin the dream! CHEERS! 🙂

      • Journeym4n says:

        Hehe I agree, it’s going to be so amazing looking out of the window and seeing all these new places from the air!

        Ah I see, fair enough, is there a reason it’s helicopters as opposed to fixed wing? I’d have thought with helicopters being approximately double the cost to operate that it would be fixed wing.

        Cheers indeed! What are we drinking? After this mornings 5am sim I could do with a good pint lol.

        Have you been flying recently?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Any kind of good single malt scotch! And that is one thing about flying, I have cut way back on drinking. Are the FAA rules any different over there or are there just a many? lol. Its much more expensive but the helicopters can get small fields or tight river banks because of the way they move as opposed to airplanes. And no, the last flight I took was the ME one, I’m a little short on cash. How are sim lessons going?

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha fair enough, I’ve never had scotch. That is a good thing, got to look after that liver :-P. How much did you used to drink?

        We don’t have the FAA, it’s CAA/EASA the rule is typically 8 hours bottle to throttle but that increases depending on how much you have to drink. I think the blood alcohol content has to be less then 20 milligrams/100 millilitres of blood.

        Ooo yeah that makes sense, I can see why they would use helicopters now. Have you ever done any low flying? New Zealand had a few low flying areas where we could go as low as we wanted which was fun :D.

        Ah no that sucks, I hope you get airborne soon, I know how painful it is to not do any flying. The simulator lessons are going well, I’ve only got 1 week left then I’ve finished my type rating.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Hahaha well I didn’t drink THAT much, I’m not a lush. Lol and ya it’s probably a lot healthier, just hard to hang with college friends and try to explain to them that I can’t drink. Oh ok, ya it’s the same here 8 hours is the min, we like to wait at least 12. When I flew the R-44 I flew along the river at six hundred, which was pretty surreal. I’m not used to being that low while flying!

        OOOO that’s so exciting! Very nice very nice

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha fair doos 😛 I’m not sure what a “lush” is however I guess it’s an alcoholic of some sort :p.
        Ah don’t worry about it, I tend to do the driving when we go out and just have 1 at the beginning… prefer to go out to see some live music as opposed to night clubs any way :-).

        Hehe Helicopters can fly slow and hover at that height though so it’s not too bad :p. How long you got left a college?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        A term we use for women who drink a lot! Haha, you,ve NEVER had scotch!? Oh man… And ya I would prefer to do the same, clubs here are especially annoying. I graduate next fall, and I couldn’t be happier about being done with school! Did you get a degree from anywhere? Or was it always flying you saw in your future? 🙂

        Any reason you’re up so late? I have Zulu time on my iPad and it says you commented at 2:00. (sorry for being nosy).

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha I see fair doos, over here calling a girl lush is a slang way of saying she’s good looking… personally I don’t use the word as it sounds tacky.

        No I haven’t, I guess I’m more of an ale drinker, there’s nothing like a good pint of locally brewed ale. Maybe one day I’ll go crazy and have a scotch lol.

        Not long to go then, I bet you’re looking forward to finally getting out there and doing something you love. Are you at college away from home or did you stay local?

        I didn’t bother going to university, I did sound engineering at college and worked at a shop part time to pay for a few flying lessons a month. I decided that fly was what I wanted to do for a living so I worked in IT and did some live sound engineering to pay for even more flying lessons.

        Haha wow, nosey indeed! Neah only messing, yeah I was out watching some live music at a pub in Southampton, it was really good actually, there were some very talented singers there. Makes me miss playing in a band lol.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Local brews are always best, the valley I live in has more micro-brews per capita then any other area in the U.S… we like our beer. 😉 And that’s better, being an expert in something that you love. Ha, ya I can be nosy, I just remembered that my iPad is on England time.

        What did you used to play?

      • Journeym4n says:

        Yes they are! Far less chemicals in them as they don’t try to preserve them for a long time, just maximum taste. That sounds like a good place to live although I’ve heard that most american brews are pale ales or “blonde beer” that is quite weak tasting… is this the case?

        Yeah I completely agree, that and university degrees are becoming far less valuable in things that aren’t sciences or maths etc. I just didn’t see the point of getting into a tonne of debt at university then getting into even more learning to fly :-P.

        Haha why is your iPad on England time? I’ve been very tempted recently to spend my money on an iPad, I’ve wanted one for a little while and being a lover of the iPhone and a tech person I know it’ll suit me!

        I play guitar, not as often as I used to, but still once in a while pick it up and play a few songs. I played a gig a few weeks ago with a friend, he was on acoustic and myself on electric… it was gooood fun!

        I’m guessing being at college there are many student orientated nights out with live music and things? Have you ever attempted to play an instrument?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        We do have a lot of IPA’s (Indian Pale Ales) which I agree, they don’t taste that great. My favorites are espresso stouts and darker beer. We do have a little bit more now then we used to. Because I’m trying to memorize zulu time so I can communicate more effectively on the radio, since all our time is done in Zulu, which is based off Greenwich, England.

        You should definitional get one! I have every IFR chart and plate that i could ever need downloaded onto it, using the Foreflight Mobile APP. I don’t have to carry huge books of paper charts anymore!

        And that’s impressive, I’ve tried to play the guitar, my fingers do not stretch enough to play it very well. lol and yes, I played the violin from age 6 to about 14. I still play but I don’t take lessons or anything.

      • Journeym4n says:

        An Espresso Stout? Is that a coffee flavoured beer? Sounds like a very strange combination!

        Ahh I see, is that just for your logbook or do you do flight plans with Zulu time as well? Here’s a question for you, do you know why it’s called Zulu time? (without looking on google lol)

        Hehe yeah I will, eventually, with my move to Doha though I want to go with as much money as I can so that I’m in a comfortable place financially. On the other hand, the past 2 years I’ve been very conservative with my spending and saved a fair bit so I think to myself that £650 off what I have I’m sure I’ll be able to cope but I’m yet to come to a decision lol.

        Oooo very nice! The Violin is a beautiful instrument 🙂 I bet you’re very good! With guitar your fingers kind of learn to stretch and also grow a little haha, I’m sure I can reach more notes nowadays then I could when I started. That said, I’m not as competent a player as I used to be, certainly not as quick with the fingers on my left hand. I would love to learn piano and saxophone at some point but I guess there’s plenty of time for that. If I can one day play bakers street on the sax, as easy as it possible is to play, I’ll be happy lol.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        It has a little bit of an espresso flavor but not much. I use Zulu for just about everything, especially when I’m talking to ATC for a flight clearance. And no… I don’t know why it’s called that! That’s terrible of me.

        Doha? Where is that? I’d say that the iPad is a good investment for flying though, it’s the main reason I splurged on mine.

        The piano is an infinitely gorgeous instrument, I would love to learn it too. hahaha, the sax is a cool instrument, I played alto for a while in my middle school band, so it doesn’t really count.

        Zulu time: Since the NATO phonetic alphabet and amateur radio word for Z is “Zulu”, UTC is sometimes known as Zulu time…. I couldn’t help it, I had to look!!!! 😀

      • Journeym4n says:

        Ah I see, I’m not a fan of espresso/coffee, I’m more of a tea person.

        Haha well the reasoning you found is sort of correct, each time zone has a letter assigned to it starting from UTC+1 which is referred to as Alpha time. They class UTC+0 as the last time zone hence the Zulu.

        Doha is in Qatar, it’s the capital of the country. Yeah I’d say that’s true as well, there are many tools out there for pilots that I really want. Logten Pro and JepView (makers of the most commonly used IR plates, not sure whether you’ve used them before) just to name two hehe.

        Yeah, I love listening to piano music. If you ever get a chance have a listen to Chopin’s Romance Larghetto it starts off with some really lovely violin but is mainly piano. It’s one of my favourite pieces ever.

        Alto Sax is still Sax is it not? 😛

      • ReneeLytle says:

        haha you WOULD be a tea person. And I think I read that about Zulu time in my private pilot textbook but forgot. I have looked at JepView plates before but I use the FAA plates that are downloaded onto my iPad, so I’m used to them, the JepView plates are weird. Although they are set up so that you can from left to right.

        And ya Alto is a sax but I meant that it didn’t count because I only played for about a year and it was middle school. lol

        I’ll have to listen to it when I’m back in my office a little later, but I have the link saved on my computer.

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha would I now? Why’s that? :p.

        Yeah it’s not very interesting trivia but my brain doesn’t contain much trivia anyway.

        Ah fair enough, weird in what way? You can what from left to right?

        Since we spoke about iPads I’ve been on the cusp of buying one but I can’t decide whether to get the iPad 2 at 64gbs or iPad 3 at 64gbs… can’t really make my mind up as to whether it’s worth it.

        Ooooo I see, that’s a lot more sax than me so you can teach me to play!

        Okiedokie, let me know what you think! The office? What are you working as whilst you’re at college?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Cause you’re English, lol. I know, horrible that I’m generalizing. Us Americans like our coffee, who knows why though.

        Oh and I just mean that they are easier to read from left to right. It goes in order. The charts I use you have to hunt for some of the information but I’m used to them now.

        I wouldn’t get the iPad 3. The only difference is the screen resolution is a little bit better and the camera is a little better too. But the iPad 2 64 is really good! PEER PRESSURE, buy one. lol 🙂

        And I’ve been listening to the piano piece while typing this, the girl is really good! She looks like she is about to cry though, like it’s very emotional. Gorgeous song.

        I’m the Editor-In-Chief for my University’s Yearbook. So I have office hours in between classes

      • Journeym4n says:

        Hahaha, a very common misconception, not as many English people like tea as you would think. I think a lot more prefer coffee. Perhaps they’re Americans posing with English accents.

        Ah yeah I see what you mean, yeah you can brief from them in a logical order, they’re easy to work with. Some people don’t like them as they can be quite cluttered but if you can see through the crap then they’re really useful plates.

        Haha you’re the worst! I feel very under pressure now. Yeah, I’m on the fence about how much I care about a good display.. I always pay more for a good display plus I like to read from my iPhone using ibooks, edit photos using snapseed and other things. But does it justify the cost to get the iPad 3 over the iPad 2. I’ll get either one or the other, I’ll make a decision sometime soon lol.

        Yeah I love the song, it’s certainly one of my favourites. She plays it very well and she has small hands/short fingers so I’m surprised how good of a piano player she is. There are plenty others of Chopin I enjoy but non that strike the same chord within as that particular one.

        Ah, very nice! So everyone calls you “Chief”, “Yes, Chief”, “No, Chief”, “Here’s your coffee, Chief”. Do they pay you for it?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Haha those damn posers!

        And you know you’re going to get one, stop fighting it. AHHHH I haven’t flown in so long, my instructor is away getting a flight check so that he can go into Border Control. I’m getting stir crazy, I don’t know how you managed for so long.

        Ya I get paid. And YES they call me chief. Lol

      • Journeym4n says:

        I know! What is the world coming to :/ ? haha.

        Haha I’m not fighting it :-p… I’m too much of a tech lover to not get one. It’s just which one lol. I used face time on my iPhone for the first time the otherday, I was surprised at how good it actually was. I guess it’s even better on iPad with the bigger screen.

        Aw Chief! I know the feeling, it got to the point where I didn’t even feel like a pilot any more. It was a difficult period of time in my short years. How long has it been for you? A few weeks? Go to your flying club and hitch a back seat flight :-P. Go outside, spread your arms and make plane noises! Problem solved haha.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        That’s a loaded question, and im not sure what it’s coming too!

        I’ve only used FaceTime once and it was pretty good with the big iPad screen. My iPad is the only apple product I own, I’m not very technical ( at least not compared to my own generation ).

        YUCK, and that must have been a horrible feeling to. It’s only been like two weeks, lol, but I’ve been so busy with school and work that I haven’t been out to the airport lately.

        HAHAHAHA I stick out my arms and make airplane noises ALL the time… Don’t tell anyone. problem solved indeed!

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha that question opens up a huge can of worms.

        Yeah, it’s basically a webcam chat that’s been around for years but there’s something about it that’s good. Haha your generation being what? How old/young are you? Am I allowed to ask that? It’s such a fine line.

        Yeah, as sad as it is, I felt like I was losing a huge piece of me. Two weeks is a long time when learning new skills, especially instrument flying, it’s something you need currency otherwise you can struggle. Hope you get airborne soon!

        Hahaha all the time? Sounds like just the beginning of your problems 😛 hahaha.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Hey now! It’s fun you should try it. Except you already do it, you just do it in a huge fancy simulator.

        And I’m 21, I’m not sure what generation. X? I have no idea. And I worry about losing the fine edges of my skills sometimes, it’s going to be hard to get it done well on my budget, but I’m an airport bum so it may work out.

        Well you will get back into an airplane soon, then you’ll be living the life!!! Jealous.

  2. Journeym4n says:

    Haha I do enjoy making the sound of the jet engines as I push the thrust levers to the TOGA or Flex detents.

    Ah cool, only 2 years younger than me. Generation X is a little older than that :-P. Sounds like a team of comic book super heroes to me though to be honest. You’ll find a way to make it work, don’t worry. Flight sim is a fantastic tool for learning instrument procedures so I definitely recommend that. The actual hand flying isn’t so good, it’s twitchy and inaccurate however doing procedural vor or ndb approaches or holds or whatever works like a charm :-). I tried some of flight sim apps for the iPhone.. they weren’t the best.

    Haha I can’t wait, you’ll get there soon! 🙂 Perseverance is key. I had a look on your blog for flying photos and videos but there aren’t many photos and there aren’t any videos.. do you have any posted anywhere else?

    • ReneeLytle says:

      Exactly, it makes walking a lot more fun. I don’t have a whole lot of photos from flying. The camera on my phone isn’t great since it’s an old phone so I don’t get the opportunity to get many. I do have some videos from my first solo flight, and my friend has a video of us in the R-44, but they are not on here. Like I said, not so much a techy nerd like some people 😉

      And I’m pretty sure we’ve had the longest comment conversation on here then anyone! haha

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha it certainly is an interesting way of getting around!

        Ah I see, fair enough, you should get something more capable, it’s nice to look over them when you aren’t flying and dream of good times to be had in the sky :-P. Plus there’s the whole, “yep, I’m a pilot, look at me flying an aeroplane” factor.

        Aw you should upload them!

        Haha something tells me that comment was aimed at me :-O … Lol I’m proud to be a techie nerd B-p tis the best.

        I think you’re right, we should phone the Guinness world records and get them to officially verify it haha. 🙂

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Maybe I will tonight! I have a late class then I’m off.

        and you should be, I wish I was a techy nerd. Everyone seems to be ten steps ahead of me in the tech world.

        hahaha. Well I’m hoping to go on some IFR cross country trips soon, so I can post about them.

        Have you ever had any sketchy plane moments? I was talking with some people at the airport the other day about ‘close calls.’

  3. Journeym4n says:

    Haha I was lucky to be brought up around computers and just learnt from there. The obsession with technology means that at some point in the future I’m going to be broke because I spent too much on gadets haha. I have many ideas about what to kit a house out with!

    Don’t worry about it, I’ve met people that don’t even know where the start button is and they were our age. They were at the extreme end of the stupid scale though haha.

    Oooo that’ll be fun, will you get to do full airways routes?

    Yeah I’ve had a couple, when I first started flying, I was doing PFL’s with one of the instructors at my flying club, we did our HASELL checks before commencing, good look out etc as it’s a busy area. We did the PFL, went to climb away and as we started climbing away another aircraft was coming down right at us and missed us by about 10 meters. My instructor was fuming with the pilot in the other aircraft and when he got back to the airport he didn’t half give him a bollocking.

    I’ve had another where I was going on my 3rd flight with a passenger in the Robin R200, I’d completed all of my mass and balance and performance charts, we were good to go. We took off from one of the shorter grass strips, dry day, light and variable winds, went to full power on the toe brakes (over 3 seconds of course), checked engine parameters and released them. Half way down the runway, at about 60kts I noticed that we weren’t picking up speed. The RPM was fine and the carb heat was closed. I dropped a stage of flap to get me over the 8 foot wire fence at the end of the runway and managed to climb away at about 100feet a min at 70kts. I carried on climbing straight ahead, got a bit of altitude and did a low level turn as there weren’t any fields to land in if the engine failed. At about 800 feet the engine started performing fine and we were getting 600-700fpm rate of climb. No idea what caused it to be honest. Quite a scary incident but fortunately a good outcome.

    On a night flight once, just after take off I heard my RPM drop and I thought Oh crap, my engine’s died… fortunately the carb heat had just popped out and had caused the RPM to lose 200,300 lol.

    What about yourself?

  4. ReneeLytle says:

    Hahaha I at least know how to work computers on a basic level, mostly dells and windows systems.

    Wow holy crap! (excuse my language). Sounds like you’ve been in a few situations that would scare me silly. All of yours sound like bad luck things, nothing was really your fault. And I’m not sure I want to share mine because it was pilot error instead of plane! Lol.

    About a third of the way through my private pilot course I took a Piper Warrior out to practice maneuvers. It was a really nice day at first, but I failed to check the weather forecast. Anyway, I decided to take the plane up to another airport that was only about 30 nm away. However on the way back I ran into a 20 knot headwind and IMC conditions. I also didn’t fill up on fuel before I left my home airport. Thankfully I know the area and got low enough to follow a highway back and land. While I was pulling up to the ramp to park my engine gave out cause I had landed with both needles on empty.

    It was about the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life. And now I’m a fuel hog.

    • Journeym4n says:

      Haha I actually like Dell computers, I had a laptop that I bought in 2008, top of the range at the time, it’s still going now. I have a new laptop now though lol.

      Yeah, there have been a couple of interesting flights. One of my favourite was when I was coming back from doing an IR route at about 7 in the evening in the DA42 Twinstar, a Cessna Citation had a landing gear failure when landing in Bournemouth and we couldn’t land because the runway was blocked with this Citation on it. My instructor let me go visual and I just flew up and down the coast and around Bournemouth for an hour or so whilst we waited for the Citation to be cleared. I kept the power levers back at 50% to reduce fuel burn to save us having to divert. It was nice to just potter about and fly at night over the coast :-).

      Ouch!! I bet your instructor gave you the biggest bollocking ever. At least it occurred with a good outcome and you’ll never do it again so consider it a learning experience! :-).

      One guy on a course a few months after me managed to have an engine failure after take off in a cessna 172 and land into a waste pond.. it looked absolutely foul. He was miss handling the engine and when he went to full power the engine gave way.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        YES!!! ahaha I still have a Windows 97 operating system on one of my laptops and I love it to death. Too bad for the Citation but that must have been fun flying on the coast. Oregon has a beautiful coastline that I flew up with my instructor once, it was amazing.

        The worst part was that he wasn’t mad… he was disappointed, which is way worse then mad. I could have handled him yelling, but he never did. Just told me that he knew I was a better pilot then that. And you’re right, I ALWAYS look at the weather at least twice over. and I ALWAYS take as much fuel as the useful load will support!

        Oh wow, not only did he have an engine failure, but he had one in a waste pond… that sucks.

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha omg, that’s so bad! 97 was a good OS but not that good :-p.

        Yeah, I didn’t get to do many jolly flights whilst I was training, it was all very intensive and high pressured, it was a lot of fun though :-).

        Aw that sounds nice, see this is why you need a camera on your flights. The photo opportunities are endless!

        That is worst, disappointment is not an easy thing to have someone feel about you. You will make stupid mistakes whilst flying, they wont be as extreme however it will happen… it’s just the way it is, we are all human!

        Haha yeah, he’s lucky it wasn’t into a structure of some kind… very stupid for mishandling the engine and shoving the throttle to full from idle. The most embarrassing thing for him is that it was on the news and there was footage of him sat on the side of the pond having a smoke lol.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        WHOA HEY NOW! It’s a great OS!!! ha.

        It’s probably god that it was intensive, but also good to relax and putt around sometimes. The airport I train out of is a pretty relaxed environment. We don’t always do things by the rule-book, but we always try to be as safe as possible.

        I’ve been thinking about getting an upgrade to an iPhone, since it’s hard to take picture with the iPad and the camera isn’t as good as the phone. But plans here are so expensive! 30 extra dollars a month just to have a small data plan… ridiculous.

        HAHAHA that’s great, sitting in a wast pond smoking with a wrecked plane. That must have been awful for him! but I’m sure he’s a better pilot for it… maybe. lol we would hope anyway.

      • Journeym4n says:

        Wooooah *hides behind sofa*.. I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me 😐 haha. It, is, it’s a fantastic OS! Please forgive my insolence.

        Yeah I went from a flying club environment to a professional outfit, it was a shock to the system. It’s made me a conscientious pilot though, I think lol.

        Safety is key.. now where is that petrol station? ;-). Haha sorry Chief, I’m only joking.

        You should, I wouldn’t bother owning a phone if I didn’t have an iPhone, they’re very good devices. Especially when jail broken. Yeah to be honest anyone walking around with a massive slate of a “camera” just looks silly. The photos are very good with the iPhone as well, my instagram is packed full of my iPhone photos. I pay £36 a month for my phone, I used to pay £43 with my 3GS. That’s with 500mb data, unlimited texts and 600mins calls. I had unlimited data on my 3GS but phone providers over here are rubbish. How much for one over there?

        Haha yeah, I’d have felt really bad… at least he’s alive!

      • ReneeLytle says:

        HARDY HAR HAR someone’s playing dirty now! lol you better hide behind that sofa! … petrol station. haha

        I’m sure it would be worth having one, since my camera is a pretty big one, a Nikon Cool Pix. But that’s 30 more dollars a month I can’t use for flying or food!

        And not everyone can JAILBREAK their phone!!! Nerd. lol My sister’s boyfriend did that for both his phone and hers, I’m sure he could do it with mine if I got one. For an iPhone here it’s about $80 dollars a month and that’s for a pretty small data plan. Not to mention they initially cost about $200.

        I’ll make you a deal. You get an iPad… and I MIGHT get an iPhone. :-p

        BTW, what’s an instagram? Is that a Twitter thing? I’m afraid the only social networking I do online is my blog, email, and FB. haha

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha I’ve taken refuge with bacon sandwiches and many bottles of Hobgoblin Ale… I expect to be here a while.

        I like the Nikon Cool Pix, it’s a nice camera. For someone that claims she isn’t a nerd, that’s quite a nerdy camera.

        I guess you’ve got a choice to make… what’s more important, flying or food. Easy choice really.

        Jailbreaking is easy, one of the easiest things ever. The guys that make the tool to jailbreak it make it easy. You plug in, run the program and it’s jailbroken!

        Wow that’s actually quite expensive… what size iPhone is that for? Sounds like 32/64GB version.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Wow bacon sandwiches and Hobgoblin. Sounds like my kind of meal! Good thing I’m not there, I would probably steal it 😉

        And I never said I wasn’t a nerd… just not as much as YOU, not that I claim to know you that well. You’re a smart tech nerd, I’m more of the Playstation video games and pretty toys kinda nerd.

        It’s a FAIRLY easy choice… I LOVE food, but I believe I love flying more. Now, put me in a cockpit with a cup of black coffee and a bacon sandwich, I could die happy. Probably of a heart attack. HAHA

      • Journeym4n says:

        Noooooo they’re mine! lol. It’s a meal of champions.

        Haha that may be the case, I don’t know how much of a nerd I am but I’m willing to bet you’re very close to my level. They don’t call you Chief for nothing.

        You believe you love flying even more? Talk about being slightly on the fence! Haha yeah, those things aren’t good for your heart. Try not to die whilst flying eh :-P.

        A better deal btw, when I get my iPad, you will get an iPhone.

        Instagram is a an app for iPhone and more recently Android that allows you to share images directly with others. It’s very addictive. These are mine –

        I use a few social networking sites but not that often. Facebook mostly, just to keep in touch with friends who have moved away to other countries to fly.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        I’ve been sitting here thinking about bacon now, and I’m trying to work with a growling stomach. Thanks for bringing up bacon! hahaha I’m going to have to go home and cook some up before my staff meeting tonight.

        You have a lot of really good pics on that site! I’m amazed at how good the iPhone camera is now. Don’t even need regular cameras anymore. Although, I’m a sucker for old stuff. I still own a film camera and a typewriter. And they’re both awesome 😀

        As soon as my upgrade comes in, I’ll probably break down and get an iPhone. I just need to get it over with. lol and your picture have got me all restless now, I want to drive to the airport and hop in a plane, go somewhere. anywhere.

        Which is possible cause the 172 I have been training in starts with my mailbox key 😉

      • Journeym4n says:

        Muahahaha bacon is the best. Yum! Go find some, you may as well give up on work when you are hungry for bacon… you’ll think of nothing else. This is why portable george foreman grills are necessary – to fulfil those bacon cravings.

        What’s the staff meeting for?

        Thanks! 🙂 You are far too kind, personally I think I owe it all to the camera being quite good. I love taking photos though, I’m always looking for opportunities. Sadly the sim’s have been far too busy to take many photos in there.. I wanted one of me with the oxygen mask on, they look evil, however completely forgot lol.

        Hehe film cameras are good, my dad still has his very old Minolta, SRT101 I think. The photos it takes are amazing. Do you use your type writer? Is it where you get all your musings for your English work?

        Haha get an iPhone.

        How does your mail box key start the 172? Did you steal the key for the Cessna then claim it’s your mailbox key? Haha I’m not sorry, keep going further down the list of photos… plenty more flying ones :-P.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        I think I’m going to! My roommate made a bacon, egg, and cheese quiche that has my name on it. YUMMMM.

        We have a staff meeting every Thursday, just to make sure we stay up on deadlines and things. Especially since after the second week of June, I’m without a staff and have to complete the book on my own.

        Yes, I still write my story outlines completely on the typewriter! 😀 I don’t get as much inspiration from the computer screen as I do with a pen or that old machine (it’s one of the ones that you have to chicken peck because the keys are so heavy and hard to mash down).

        No, it was the funniest thing. The head flight instructor and I went out to the 172 one morning and couldn’t find the keys anywhere. We learned that one of the other students had accidentally taken it home with them. I was so desperate to fly and didn’t want to wait that I took out the key to my mailbox and put it in the ignition… the thing turned right over.

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha, I think I can hear your stomach from here now! Ah the simple pleasure of life.

        Wow, I hope they pay you extra for that time! Why do you lose them all?

        Haha all I can imagine is a sex and the city scene of you staring out of your window carving out your thoughts on the type writer. Your fingers must be very strong to be able to type on something like that. I bet it’s good for when you’re having a bad day and need to type something, you can bash the hell out of the keys on the type writer and get a satisfying crunch type noise as the key goes down and the feeder moves over to the left.

        Haha that’s very lucky… very strange as well. Perhaps any key for a similar size can start the aircraft? I’ve almost taken a plane key home before… by almost I mean I pulled up checked my pockets for my phone and realised I still had it, Oh dear haha.

  5. ReneeLytle says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you did! And it’s a public university, do you think they would pay me any more than they absolutely have to? Lol

    Sex and the city huh? Hahaha ya it does get rid of stress, plus it makes me want to put on a robe, sit by an open window and type while smoking a cigarette and watching it rain. Seems like what people used to do with typewriters. Like Flannery O’Connor or Hemingway.

    Well now I know that i can try my keys with any of the aircraft and it might work! It’s very tempting after airport hours and no one is around 😉 of course I’m and angel and would never haha.

    You have a ‘check ride’ coming up for the airbus soon don’t you? Do you feel ready?

  6. Journeym4n says:

    Lol I guess not… what counts as a non public university? We don’t have a difference over here I believe.

    Yeah, it was the first cliche writing thing to come into my head really. Unfortunately the ex used to force me to watch them quite often. Haha you’re a pilot you cant be smoking! Buhbye medical! An open window whilst it’s raining sounds good though, especially if it’s warm and the garden has lots of plants in that smell good when it rains lol. I’ve never heard of Flannery O’Connor but if you can ascertain heights like Hemingway and avoid blowing your brains out I think you’re onto a winner.

    Perhaps you have that magical touch that can start aircraft… they respond to you lol.

    I had my first test today, I did a line orientated flight training route from Liverpool to Birmingham… was given Windshear warning on departure and then a hydraulics failure on the yellow hydraulics system. What should have been a 20 minute hop to Birmingham turned into 40 mins as their “radar” was supposedly down so I had to enter the hold then reprogramme the FMGC for the Localiser DME procedure. That was all I had time for as I went second and the other guy got most of it done. I still need to do EFATO, single engine go around and raw data ILS to land then a rejected take off. Shouldn’t be too bad I think lol. We will see.

    It’s such beautiful weather here, 26degrees which for England is HOOOOOT haha. Wish I could go to the beach and do BBQ like the week before my sims lol.

  7. ReneeLytle says:

    Hahaha ya romances are the WORST for cliches. And I I have only smoked like ten cigarettes in my life! But terrible I know. It seems like all the greatest writers were troubled and most killed themselves or at least lived destructive lives…. Hmmmm. Maybe i should live a little more on the edge. Lol

    That would be great if I had a magic touch for planes! 😉 I think I’m going to be able to fly tomorrow, if the weather holds out. The Willamette Valley isn’t the grass seed capital of the world because of all the sunshine we get. Haha

    Well it sounds like you passed despite all the bad scenarios! When’s your next test?

    • Journeym4n says:

      Indeed they are.. I guess at the time they don’t seem like so much of a cliche. Haha you are bad.. tuttut.

      Yeah, perhaps the reason they were so creative as writers is because of all that bottled up insanity just waiting burst out. I believe quite a lot of Hemingway’s family committed suicide though so that sounds like it was more of a hereditary craziness. To be honest it sounds like you’ve lived on the edge enough, playing chicken with your fuel haha. Sorry I’ll stop. In all seriousness what do you have in mind? I want to do speed gliding on skis down the side of a mountain.. I think that’d be amazing.

      Aw you are so lucky, I hope the weather holds out for you! Sounds like quite a miserable place to live (weather wise haha) :p. What are you going to do on your flight tomorrow? England sucks for weather as well, it’s always raining. Hopefully I’ll be starting flying this time next month.

      Yeah he said in the debrief that my sim partner and I did well. My sim partner got most of his done though, just the rejected take off left which is easy enough, I have my final test today, all of the hard stuff left to do. It’s easy stuff really it’s just speed control +/-5knots and not below V2 which is easy to go below. Just need to stay caaaalm lol.

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Final test!?! How did it go? sorry I didn’t catch you before the test I would have said Bon Chance! :-p

        My flight was a lot of fun, I was thinking about blogging about it, we did a little scud running on the way back. Shhhhh. No one needs to know. Which is what I do for thrills, but speed gliding sounds fun! What is it exactly? Lol

        You ever think of sky diving? Or bungee jumping? Cause I think THAT would be a rush.

      • Journeym4n says:

        Haha yeah it went really well thanks, a very very fun flight. I’ll blog it later but there are parts I can’t, I’ll PM it to you or something. Haha thanks!

        Awesome! Glad you managed to get airborne! Scud running? Is that low level flying? We don’t have that terminology here. You’ve got to get your thrills from somewhere eh :p.

        Speedgliding is going down a snowy mountain on skies and a parachute… it looks mad. Youtube it sometime! :-).

        When I lived in NZ I wanted to do an accelerated free fall course but the aerodrome was a little bit of a distance away and I didn’t have my driving licence to be able to take myself there lol. Shame really as it was dirt cheap. Have you ever sky dived?

        Have you ever seen the crazy guys that do low level squirrel suit flying?

      • ReneeLytle says:

        Wow! Up late again lol I wasn’t expecting you to write back so fast. But thats great! It must feel so nice to get that out of the way. If you want to message me my email is

        🙂 scud running technically means continued VFR flight into IFR conditions. But we mostly use it to describe what people do when they fly RIGHT on the edge of IFR while maintaining VFR… safly of course.

        No! But I have always wanted to go skydiving, my mom did it for a while. And ya I should look it up it sounds wicked.

        You lived in NZ?!? no fair! Man, I need to travel more. Lol

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