Onwards and Upwards

My aim for this was to write up a staggered post going from being at home to being at the airport to arriving at my new home in Doha. In the end I haven’t had the time to be able to do that so I’m on the plane currently moving my jaw, yawning and doing any other exercise to clear my ears that are blocked from the pressurisation. It’s funny that after going through my Airbus type rating I actually noticed the point before take off where the cabin does a bit of pre-pressurising to help the comfort level of the passengers. I just to say to Chanel a big thank you for the nomination of Very Inspiring Blogger and One Lovely Blog award, I’m sorry I couldn’t partake in this however this week has been crazy. Please visit her blog at http://photoscience.wordpress.com/ :-).

So this week has been a bit of a rushed week. I was supposed to be leaving on Saturday however my start date was brought forward and meant that visits to people had to be cut short which was a huge shame. I visited my father in Grimsby and a friend from my days at secondary school whom I hadn’t seen for around 5 years. Sadly I only got to spend a day with my father and an hour with my friend. It’s weird that in 5 years he is pretty much the same person he was before I lost touch through the busy period that was learning to fly, it was as easy to speak to him as though there hadn’t been 5 years since out last meeting. It was nice to catch up on everything that had gone on with others that I’d lost touch with but whom Mark had kept in touch with.

Sorting out my suitcase and life has been a bit of a task, arranging photos with blue backgrounds for Qatar residence permits, fitting everything I can into my case and keeping it below 32KGs… Pretty much my entire life in 1 suitcase, it’s a scary concept that in the past two years that’s what it’s come to. There were plenty of things I wanted to keep as, when I buy things I generally only do so because I really want it. I guess the things I’ve left are replaceable so it’s not too much of an issue but sorting what I was going to take and what I was going to leave behind was difficult. The short amount of time meant I was packing until late last night and even some this morning, I feel a little tired because of this and I’m not looking forward to the pain that is immigration. I know I can expect to be stood around for an hour or so, filling in forms and getting my passport and visa looked at. I’m already craving sleep however I don’t like sleeping on planes so it will have to wait.

Checking in at the airport I asked for a business class upgrade, being staff we are entitled to be upgraded if there’s a spare seat, fortunately there was one seat spare and I was given it. The other person travelling with me was unlucky not to get one so is in economy class on the same flight. Qatar airways is known as a 5 star airline and from checking in to sitting here typing this, I can see why. The staff are very friendly and go out of their way to make your flight a very pleasant one. I’ve really enjoyed the food on the menu that I’ve had and my playlist on the entertainment is full of great songs. I’ve also been given some aftershave, fight socks and a noise cancelling headset for use on the aircraft which is handy for keeping the pesky engine noise out. The aircraft I’m on is an Airbus A330 and this particular one has a feature i have never seen before, granted, I’m not well travelled however I’m not sure it’s a common thing on aircraft. The loo has a window overlooking the front of the right jet engine and of course the view. I read a book once that was about the loos with the best views and feel the this loo should be on the list. Please see the photo below!

See you in Doha,


(Only just got internet in my place in Doha, will post about Doha soon)

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One Response to Onwards and Upwards

  1. ReneeLytle says:

    That’s definitely the best ‘loo’ VFR on top view I’ve seen šŸ™‚

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