Ground Courses

So I’m going to start off this post by introducing you to a video that pretty much explains the mindset of most aviators. Being aware of this, most do not act this way however it is there waiting to burst out. Enjoy!

It’s been a while since I last posted an update, the reason being that at the moment not a lot is happening in terms of training or flying due to massive back logs.

Our first week was filled with paper work – not really post worthy material to be honest. No one wants to sit there and read how I had to total my logbook hours more than twice that week and how I filled in form after form of information for my residence permit and for the companies records.

Since that first week of HR stuff we’ve done a few things, all ground school and actually pretty enjoyable to be honest. The first course was a fire fighting course, basically the place was about 20 minutes out of Doha, into the desert and most of the time I couldn’t help but feel like the taxi driver was lost but eventually we got there. The company we did the training with had set a room up with a mock up of a jet cabin with fake ovens and a fake loo. Our mission, of which we had no choice to accept or not, was to put out an oven fire and a loo fire using a small fire extinguisher. We were then taken to a metal container that they use on cargo ships, with no air con or anything, to do a smoke demonstration where, behind some glass the guy taking the lesson lit a fire and sat there in breathingĀ apparatus waiting for the room to completely fill with smoke. Hot was certainly not the word in this metal container but it was interesting to see how the smoke acted.. the bodily smells were not so interesting!

Security training was really interesting, we were shown many famous attempts at hi jackings or bomb threats on board aircraft and given an awareness as to how these people think and how their bombs are designed to work. It’s scary to think just how many ways these people keep coming up with to try to destroy lives and cause as much damage as possible.

Meet George the Autopilot!

As you can see he’s a dab hand with the ladies….

George was taken out of the cockpit for the day to allow us to practice CPR on him. Poor thing, he didn’t need 30 odd blokes lipping him and blowing litres of air into his mouth but I guess it makes a change from keeping aircraft straight and level for hours on end!

Next thing is CRM which, as you can see on my blog, I’ve done before. Infact I’ve done CRM twice before and the CRM here is two days long. I don’t understand how they can spread it out over two days. In the past the CRM days have been literally one day. Ah well I’ll find out soon. I’m booked in to do my zero flight time simulator on the 29th, this is the pre simulator lesson for the base training in the actual aircraft. Beyond that, the only thing I know I have for definite is ditching at the Emirates training centre on the 30th which should be a fun day!

Hope you enjoyed the jet pilot video!

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3 Responses to Ground Courses

  1. ReneeLytle says:

    hahaha I never watched this video all the way through until now. That’s pretty hilarious

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