Pre Base Training

I’ve been rather useless when it comes to posting new entries and the impact it can have on views on the blog really shows. Unfortunately, until I start flying, there isn’t much to write about however, I’ve been doing a few things recently that have been blog worthy in my opinion hence this entry.

Last week I had my pre-base training simulator lesson. This is to prepare us for our first flight in the Airbus aircraft where we do 6 take offs and landings. We had to complete around 13-15 approaches with various winds and turbulence levels to learn how to deal with different conditions that may exist and the landings all have to be to a decent standard to be passed to start flying fare paying passengers. The simulators here in Qatar are state of the art and far newer than those at CTC. They are a lot smoother in terms of motion and they handle a little differently also. My one worry about this lesson was my centreline tracking, in the simulator I’ve never been able to track the centreline properly as the perspective always looks wrong for me but in the real world I’ve never had a problem. This lesson I wanted to make a good first impression so my centreline tracking is what I focused on when it came to watching the auto pilot demonstrate an approach and landing. I managed to burn the image into my head and my approaches were quite good.

My landings were not the best, for some reason, whilst using the same techniques I have throughout my A320 type rating I was pitching too high on the flare. I’ve never had a problem with my landings so this was frustrating me quite a bit. I started making smaller inputs and this led to me making rather positive landings. I can’t tell whether I had an off day or whether the simulator just handled differently to what I was used to but whenever I pulled on the stick to flare, it just kept pitching up as though you were in normal law, not flare mode where it should simulate reverting back to commanding an elevator deflection. On another note I left my iPhone in a taxi on the way back so I think I may have just been having one of those days.

All in all, I was signed off to say I was ready for the base training so it can’t have gone too badly. I’ve just got to try and step over the line, put it behind me and get on with the next thing. Base training in the real aircraft. It was booked in for Wednesday but the UK CAA haven’t sent over my licence verification yet so I haven’t got my Qatar licence. Hopefully this comes through soon as I really want to get flying, despite the draw back of the other day.

Aviation is never ending cycle of ups and downs,


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