Gift of Time

I was handed the gift of time early last week so I’m back home looking for ways to make use of it.

If you saw my last post you’d have seen some photos from a pretty epic afternoon of sailing which I enjoyed thoroughly. I can’t wait to go again and eventually learn to handle the boat on my own but I’ve come home for the time being. Some may think that I’m rather mad for coming back to a cold, wet and windy country and that the sun was the place to stay and usually I’d agree with you however, in my eyes, if I can get home and resume a normal life for a little bit then that’s what I’ll try to do as when I’m flying I wont have as much of that time as I would like.

I took the 5:45am (UK time) flight bound for Manchester, with a small suitcase and a few essentials. I would be taking the train back to Nottingham and didn’t feel the urge to drag a large case around, especially because I fear getting lost on the train network by switching to the wrong train. I managed to get business class coming back, even though I didn’t really stay seated as I spent most of the time talking with the cabin crew in the galley during which, the guy who did my interview for the company came out of the flight deck. Who’d have thought it, on all the flights, I was on his. I got talking to him for a while and I was invited to join them in Manchester. Who am I to say no, I was in no rush to get back to Nottingham so I made arrangements to meet up with them.

Whilst travelling on the train from Manchester Airport to Victoria station I was fortunate to be randomly sitting next to some girls who I realised, through accidental eves dropping, were cabin crew for Emirates. Of course I made a point of talking to them, one was an English girl and the other, not too sure. They were in Manchester for a lay over and were apparently looking forward to going to Primark of all places. I later found out that the cabin crew from the flight I took were on a mission to go to Primark. Who’d have thought it was such a popular/famous place to cabin crew?

I met up with Alex in Manchester and on walking to his hotel, we walked passed the guy who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street. I was very sad to know this fact but, having grown up being forced to watch it with my mum, it was very easy to recognise him. I had a great night out with them all and soon made my way back to Nottingham at about 22:40. I didn’t get home until 1am. I was exhausted! On the train back I realised I’d actually forgotten my iPad and quickly messaged Alex to let him know of my stupidity. Fortunately he’s taken it back to Doha but, I’m feeling the lose and it’s so harsh!

I’ve got plans to do some sim work in a Jetstream 4100 sim to help a friend out and go for a flight whilst I’m home and of course meet up with mates and have some fun. A friend has recommended a few books that I should read so I’m planning on visiting the book shop to see how much they are or just buying from the iTunes book store, see which is cheaper. I’m not sure when I’m due back to the sandpit but I’ll keep an eye out. If I do get flying it’ll be the first time I’ve flown in over a year, oh well I’ve had bigger gaps in my flying! :-).

Maybe I should learn another language? Hmm….

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