Wasted Effort

When I left for Doha I promised myself I’d get into shape and eat more healthily and whilst I was in Doha that held true.

I began doing a fitness DVD recommended to me by a friend who is into fitness and health, he advised it was a good DVD to get started with and should help me get in enough shape to go to the gym and not feel stupid. The DVD is called Insanity and is a 2 month course where you did a 40 minute work out every day with one rest day a week. Unfortunately I was so unfit that I had to take rests every 2 or 3 because my muscles ached so much, or I couldn’t walk properly. After a couple of weeks I found I was able to do the workouts as intended and was really starting to see the benefit. My stomach, whilst not flat, was starting to feel very strong, my legs were getting more toned, my arms were getting stronger (I was able to do push ups, which I’d never been able to do), I could see an overall change in my body. I also started swimming at the olympic pool in Doha, 50 meters of pure bliss! I hadn’t swam in so long that it took time to get back into it but I was back to my normal self in no time.

Combined with this I was eating well, I reduced all of my servings, I ate fruit as a snack if I felt hungry and everything I made included vegetables. I ate chocolate maybe once or twice a week and I reduced my beer in take, something that’s easy to do in Doha as you can’t just pop to the supermarket for some. You have to go to a specific place. I practically lived on Mediterranean veg, peppers, red onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes etc.

Anyway so now I’m home and I’ve not done any of the DVD, any swimming and my eating has become awful again. The only thing I’ve kept doing is press ups as I don’t need my shorts or trainers and they are things I forgot to bring with me. Do I buy some new ones or do I just accept how I’m living now and then work extra hard at Doha? I’m starting to really feel unfit again so I think I should but then a part of me says, don’t waste money on trainers when you have some, ah, dilemmas!

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2 Responses to Wasted Effort

  1. healingthe3s says:

    An extra pair never hurts. Just leave them at home when you return then no need to worry with packing them 🙂

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