A History…

Hey all,

I’m Aaron and I’m 23.

I’m originally from a wonderful place called Grimsby, I say this in a sarcastic way and thankfully I was able to escape the town after secondary school. I accept some people might find Grimsby a nice place and I’m not going to say you’re wrong but I was brought up on one of the worst estates there. They were not pleasant years.

After school I moved to Nottingham to live with my Mum and her husband and I started college at a music studio called Confetti Studios to study sound engineering.

During this time I started working part time at Littlewoods and then full time at The Tech Guys, providing technical support to PC World customers. It was at this point that I realised that all the bad things you hear from people about technical support lines are usually because of the people calling them. I have many examples of a pure break down in common sense however the best one would be – me “ok, can you close all open windows please”, Customer “Ok….”. Off she goes to close her actual house windows….

Anyway, I digress, it was at this point that I started thinking about fulfilling a life long dream of learning to fly. I was in luck, I found that I lived very close to a general aviation aerodrome and began taking lessons; whilst studying at college and working.

After my first solo I realised that flying was what I wanted to do with my life. This is when I decided to apply for CTC, so that I could progress my training as quickly as possible and hopefully with the best standard. CTC was my only way of doing a fast track flying course as I’m not from a well off family in the slightest and if you managed to pass CTC’s rigorous selection process then you were given access to an unsecured loan to take on the training. If this didn’t work I would pay as I flew and build up experience as an instructor, then parachute dropping and air taxi and eventually I’d get to the airlines.

I was successful in my selection at CTC and completed all of my training with them back in Jan 2010. During my training with the company the recession hit and airlines stopped recruiting for a very long time. As I finished, a famous orange airline started offering contracts but it meant paying out an extra 8-10,000 for the type rating training on the Airbus. I couldn’t afford this, so I was unable to take the contract. I started working at Boots 6 months prior to this, in IT again, doing IT support for their stores. I was also lucky enough to get involved in a few projects to expand and enhance our IT systems and services to customers. This gave me the opportunity to visit Edinburgh and the Isle of Wight for a few weeks; a nice change to an office environment.

After 2 years of waiting I am now finally about to embark on the journey to complete my training and join an airline. I started my Airbus type rating for Qatar Airways on the 17th of April after passing many stages of selection for the airline and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am that after 2 years of saving and renewing flying licences and seeing all my friends get flying jobs, I am almost there.

If you feel there is a way I can improve upon my writing please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Here’s my story from this point forward…


2 Responses to A History…

  1. windhound says:

    Congratulations. Once again you show that the best stories are based upon fact and not fiction. A compelling bit of writing, I want to read the sequel and many chapters to follow.

    • Journeym4n says:

      I’m really flattered by your comments windhound, thank you very much for stopping by! Hopefully the chapters that follow manage to maintain a standard that you would be interested to read 🙂

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